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Joomla 123 is one of the most active Lithuanian developer communities online. They offer news, updates, tips, tricks and guides for anyone interested in Joomla development, helping people just starting out or those with a bit more experience. Visit their website and check out their forums to join the conversation!

Kas ir Joomla?

Get a quick overview of what Joomla can do for you, and check out the links to various references and resources to get started. Don't forget to check out the official Joomla Community Page for Lithuania! You can also connect to Joomla on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Github, Google+, and YouTube.

IT Projektai

Vilnius-based UAB IT Projects offers a variety of integrated IT solutions for businesses, along with Joomla-based design and development services.


AKSI LT provides Joomla-based website development, SEO, and programming services, among design and development products and services.


FavThemes offers elegant, responsive, and highly customizable Joomla themes and templates. Make sure you check out their blog from time to time to see special offers, deals, and discounts. You can also connect to FavThemes on Facebook and Twitter.

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4 Websites Where Most Lithuanians Are Scammed

4 interneto vietos, kuriose lietuvių sukčiai tyko dažniausiai

Read about the report by the RRT and CERT-LT on the 15% increase in cybersecurity related incidents in 2015, what it means for both users and web developers in Lithuania, and the four websites which are most affected.

In 2015, CERT-LT investigated 41,583 Incidents in Cybersapce

2015 metais CERT-LT ištyrė 41 583 incidentus kibernetinėje erdvėje

Read the BNS' take on the reported 40,000-plus cybersecurity incidents last year, including expanded information and details on the methods used, and what affected users should do.

"Secure e-learning infrastructure in general education schools" project presentation

„Saugios e-mokymosi infrastruktūros kūrimas bendrojo lavinimo mokykloms„ projekto pristatymas

Read about the push to create, develop, and promote opportunities in the Lithuanian technological sector through initiatives for educational and research institutions.

How the Developers of a Website Builder Earned in a Big Way

Tinklalapių kūrimo priemonės autoriai lietuviai pinigų uždirbinėti neskuba

Read Saulė Zukauskaite's article on how three enterprising Lithuanians found success by creating their own CMS (Content Management System) – ImpressPages.

The Twelve Year-old of Šėtos Stirring Up Online Business

Dvylikametis iš Šėtos įsuko verslą internete

Most teenagers spend their time playing video games – not this one: Read Gediminas Gasiulis' article about the entrepreneurial spirit of young coder Edwin Dambrauskas.

5 Free Code Editors and IDEs for Programmers, Web Designers, and Developers You Should Check Out

Picking an editor or an IDE in a sea of apps can be a bit of a challenge, given that not only does it have to have the features and functionality that we need for specific languages and projects, but – and let's face it – the tools coders use can be a matter of personal preference as well. How extensible is it? Can I roll my own plug-ins? Does the UI jive with how I work? Can I change it if it doesn't?

So many apps, so many questions. Let's make it a bit easier by looking for a place to start – so if you haven't yet, here are five of the more interesting free code editors and IDEs that you should check out:


Atom is a cross-platform and powerful-yet-completely-customizable editor that you can tinker with and tweak to your heart's content, or just be productive and start using it right out of the box with its built-in package manager, multiple panes, smart autocompletion, and over a thousand ready-made themes, just to name a few features. There's an active community, a quick-start video for those who want to get their feet wet with Atom, and – of course – complete documentation.

Get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux at at


Notepad++ is the oldest app that appears on this list, but with good reason: it's lightweight (the setup file is under 4MB!), it's fast, it's powerful, it supports over 50 programming, scripting, and markup, languages, and it just plain works. It offers most of the advanced features and functionality you'd expect of any IDE built for power users (though some features like autocomplete are language-dependent). Its UI may be a bit dated and rather cluttered, but consistent updates render its usefulness timeless.

Get it for Windows at Notepad was used to create the double glazing quoting system by Honest John.


Developed by Adobe Systems (and one of my personal favorites), Brackets is an extensible, slick, modern, and open-source editor that focuses on web development. Its unique features include being able to preview a web page in real time (though on Chrome only, for now), rich syntax highlighting and smart, predictive inline autocomplete (via drop-down menus) for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and any RGB/Hex properties, just to name a few.

If you haven't tried Brackets out yet, give it a spin – get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux at

Aptana Studio 3

Aptana Studio 3 is a powerful, open-source web development IDE. It supports the latest specifications which enables smart code assistance and autocompletion, along with making contextual information such as which browsers support what available as needed. It has an integrated debugger, GIT integration, a built-in terminal, and a variety of other features and functionality that serves to let you work completely in a single environment.

You can get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux at

Visual Studio Code

A new – and somewhat unexpected – kid on the block, Microsoft's Visual Studio Code is a free, cross-platform code editor focused on web-and-cloud-based development. At the time of writing, it's still in beta, but it has support for multiple languages out-of-the-box, along with its IntelliSense smart code completion that users of Visual Studio on Windows will be familiar with. It's extensible, has GIT integration, and it has a rather compelling command line-based set of rich features and functionality combined with a more minimal-than-usual UI for an IDE, despite the fact that you can still work with multiple files within that UI.

If you've ever been curious about Visual Studio but didn't want to have to move to Windows, now's a good time to check out what Microsoft has to offer – it's very interesting, to say the least. Get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux at

Think any of these editors and IDEs have a chance to give your tried-and-true a run for its money? Give 'em a shot – you might just find something you like.

About the Author: Andre Salvatierra is a freelance writer who loves culture, technology, and well-designed things and great experiences. You can find him on Medium and Twitter.

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